Chicago Nomad’s Presents Ski-A-Rama, Travel, and Events

Thursday, August 16,2018- 7:30 PM

Gaelic Park – 6119 W. 147th Street, Oak Forest, IL

Except for the family trip , Utah, and Taos New Mexico,  which go on sale 6/21 at that general meeting all the other trips go on sale.

Signups start immediately after a quick general meeting.

Ski-A-Rama will be held on Thursday, August 16th – Immediately following a short general meeting.
A lot of trips my sell out sooner than they have been due to less spots because of partnerships with other ski clubs

This is our Annual Ski-a-Rama event where most of our events go on sale. Many events may sell faster than in previous years do to us partnering with other ski clubs. If you are interested in a trip this would be the day to check it out.

We will have a bartender in the room for a cash bar.

We have many great raffle prizes this year!! I’m not kidding…  I have heard some of the donations and they sound very good!

Great Raffles, Trip signups, Viking Ski Shop Demonstration, and Ski Fashion Show are some of the things happening August 16,2018 at Gaelic Park, Oak Forest, IL @ 7:30pm.

Here is a link to our flyer <- Click Here 

Chicago Gaelic Park 6119 W. 147th Street, Oak Forest, IL

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